As an internet marketer, unless you are dead and buried, you already know how effective a tool a sequential autoresponder can be. However, there is one way to use it that you may not have thought of, and then again you may have and decided against it.

To be straightforward this particular online marketing strategy has been around awhile. But, because it’s so simple many folks, like you perhaps, have said it doesn’t work, it’s worn out, and it’s no longer effective. If you have been one of those, you may need to rethink your position on this marketing tactic. Here’s why!

Millions of new users come on line each and every day. The primary reason most of them come on line is to learn something new or get information that will help them solve a problem. These “newbie’s” to the internet have never been exposed to this marketing tactic. So in today’s modern internet marketing vernacular it’s “an evergreen marketing tactic”. Now let’s get on with it.

Step 1: You need to set up another project directory on your Internet site. Come up with a universal password and user name which your present opt-in list folks will use and the new subscribers to your list. Name your new project “My Magic Steps To Astounding Weight Loss …” or something else which makes them want it. The next step may be the hardest part of the whole sequential autoresponder marketing tatic.

Step 2: Take the time to find some really valuable reports, eBooks, articles, scripts (are good), videos or perhaps software (Of course it must fit your niche market). Upload to your new directory for your subscribers to get hold of. Make sure it’s free.

Step 3: Very Important! Prepare a short series of autoresponder messages (3 or 4) to go out to your list. They should create a buzz about what’s coming from “My Magic Steps To Astounding Weight Loss …”. If possible each of these messages should have a tidbit of good solid information. Naturally they will be in sequential order with the buzz building to cresando. Space them out over a week. In fact your sequential autoresponder will distribute them in the order you set them up in.

Step 4: Write an intriguing and curiosity arousing conversational “sales page” about “My Magic Steps To Astounding Weight Loss …” You must include the fact that this information/whatever are free. To make this tactic really work for you set a time limit or the number of people you are going to release this to. Make subscribers feel they are taking part in a very personal and private event.

A word of caution here! Don’t make the mistake of not shutting down your offer when you reach the total number of people or the deadline date. You could damage your crediability with your new subscribers and your old subscribers. When that happens you may find yourself losing leads instead of gaining them.

Now here’s the payoff!

Once all these good folks have opted in to your new list you can send out new notifications to them of what’s going on with your “”My Magic Steps To Astounding Weight Loss …”. You can also include information about other products which are in the same “niche market”.

Go ahead and try the sequential autoresponder marketing tatic. It still works and it can be very profitable when used properly.