Email marketing lists are a great way to promote your business and product and drive traffic to your website. In fact this is one of the main ways for getting your online business up and running. But the question is, how do you get a list of email addresses to send emails to? We like to do things as easily and as quickly as possible, which is why buying these sort of lists seems like the best approach, but is it really?

When you buy a list, you have no control over it. Many of the email addresses on these lists are just out right fake, or have not given permission to be sent emails, or may simply have no interest in your product. So even if you buy a list of email addresses, you could consider yourself lucky if you got even a single email for someone who actually cared about your product.

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So instead of wasting your time and money buying these lists of emails, you should instead look into gathering them up yourself. If you are in charge of putting together email marketing lists for yourself, you will know that every email is authentic and belongs to someone who is interested in your product, increasing the odds of you making a sale.

There are a lot of ways you can put together lists such as these. One of the most obvious methods is to simply use your own website. On your webpage put an area where they can opt into your email list to get updates and other cool information. Entice them by giving them a free offer, a sample if you will, of what you have to offer so they know you know what you are doing.

This is the single best method you can use because it guarantees anyone signing up for your email list will have chosen to do so willingly and will have a vested interest in your product. Make sure you put these sign up buttons all throughout your website, but do not make them intrusive. There is a fine line between having good exposure and just being obnoxious.

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Also remember not to fall prey to a common mistake a lot of people do when trying to build their email marketing lists. You might be tempted to try and get as many emails as possible, and while this is not strictly a bad thing, it can hamper your efforts.

While having a lot of emails is good, you also want to make sure each of those emails belongs to someone who cares about your product. If you make your offer vague enough, you will entice people who really have no interest in purchasing your product, thus wasting your time and theirs.

So instead of doing that, make sure your offer is targeting directly at those who would buy your product. Yeah you might be turning some people away, but if they were not going to buy your product anyways, it is not really a loss. Focus on those who will actually buy your product.

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